EV Charging Stations

Forging a 100% Clean & Electrified Future

Our Solutions

As demand for renewable electricity grows to power the world’s electric vehicles, smart EV charging is critical to economically and sustainably updating our energy and transportation systems

By utilizing smart, grid-connected charging stations as flexible energy services, we can meet the needs of today’s EV drivers and provide vital infrastructure needed to meet ambitious sustainability goals across North America.

Provide state-of-the-art charging stations with JuiceNet-enabled devices

Attract new drivers and retain existing customers as more consumers switch to electric

Take advantage of EVSE incentives and rebates while funds last

Why install EV charging?

Create new revenue streams and cost savings for customers

Meet emerging state and local regulations

Attract and retain employees, customers and tenants

Show commitment to leadership in sustainability

Charge your EV faster, smarter, cleaner

Best-In-Class EV Charging Stations

Charge your EV faster, smarter, cleaner

Best-In-Class EV Charging Stations

Move to a Zero-Carbon Future

Charge Cleaner

JuiceNet Green moves your EV charging to times when solar and wind power are at maximum production and fossil-fuel power sources are at a minimum. It’s available as an optional software add-on to any residential JuiceBox or JuiceNet-enabled EV charging station.

Easy Set Up

In the mobile app or web dashboard, set the time when the car’s desired charge is needed.


The JuiceNet Green predictive engine calculates the periods during the specified charging window when the cleanest energy on the grid will be available, and then sets the car to charge accordingly.

Seamless Control

If a charging session needs to be completed sooner than JuiceNet Green has scheduled, drivers can interrupt JuiceNet Green and simply charge without waiting

Not all charging is created equal.

JuiceNet Green’s sophisticated prediction engine leverages grid data to charge your EV with the cleanest energy available.