Intelligent & affordable EVSE flexibility for all

Creating flexibility while decarbonizing energy & transport

With the rapid adoption of electric cars, investor-owned utilities, municipal utilities, and electric cooperatives are facing greater challenges to ensure a reliable, balanced and clean electric grid for all energy users. 

Our quicker charging solutions aggregate and manage EV load to maintain grid reliability while avoiding the use of expensive peaker plants and infrastructure upgrades.

We offer all utilities a complete line of interoperable, hardware agnostic, OCPP compliant, smart grid electrical vehicle charging solutions.

Cities in 10+ states have building construction codes for EVSE Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Utah, Washington

ZEV regulations are being implemented by 12 states, including the requirements that about 7 to 10% of new vehicles must be ZEVs in 2025.

Fossil Fuel Vehicle Sales Bans In 2017, 10+ countries made fossil-fuel car sales ban. This year, CA instituted a gas car sales ban beginning in 2035. MA and NJ are also planning for a 2035 gas car ban.

Example of new legislation CALGreen mandates that 250,000 EV charging stations to be publicly available by 2025. Requires 6% of parking spaces be EV-capable in new non-resi buildings.

Proud to partner with over 40 companies worldwide, offering access to more than 200,000 public charging stations using the JuicePass App

Provide access to connected charging stations to your commercial customers

Or make our best-selling JuiceBox smart home chargers available to your residential customers

Top 5 things to know when
buying a commercial EV charging station

Charge faster.
Charge cleaner.
Charge like a pro.

Our smart charging solutions employ advanced algorithms and controls to make your EV charging greener and cheaper. Get plugged into the future of sustainable charging.


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